WHITING's CommandLIFT Power Door-Lift System Is Universal, Compact & Secure
CommandLIFT is a European design and is now being built by WHITING® in North America.

The truck driving population is aging and after a long day, many drivers find it difficult to climb up and open and close the roll-up door of their trailer. CommandLIFT works 24 hours a day and never takes a holiday.

Claims for workman’s compensation are higher than ever before due to shoulder, back and knee injuries. Using CommandLIFT to open and close roll-up doors will help keep drivers on the job and not at home recovering from injury.

CommandLIFT ensures that the roll-up doors are closed securely and will stay closed even if the driver forgets to engage the latch on the door. Fleets can feel more comfortable that their cargo is secure while on route to its destination.

Having a perk like CommandLIFT will help fleets retain the best drivers. Why would drivers look for employment with companies where they will have to manually open and close roll-up doors all day?

Driver retention, secure cargo, reduced workers compensation claims, reduced door maintenance and European technology all enhance the efficiency of your fleet.

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