What comes with the CommandLIFT Door Operating System?
All of the components required to install the CommandLIFT Door Operating System are included in the package. An Installation Manual and Owner’s Manual are included on a CD. These manuals should be printed before starting the installation. The customer is required to supply two 10-gauge wires that will connect the Negative and Positive terminals of the 12 or 24 volt power supply to the CommandLIFT Door Operating System.
What is the weight of the CommandLIFT® Door Operating System kit?

The typical CommandLIFT Door Operating System kit is approximately 80 pounds (36 kilograms).
Can the CommandLIFT Door Operating System be installed in a trough recessed into the ceiling of an insulated trailer?

Yes, the CommandLIFT Door Operating System can be installed this way; however, it might be necessary to fabricate an additional steel, joiner piece so the Mounting Bracket can be fastened to the Balancer Center Bracket. The CommandLIFT aluminum track must be supported at each roof bow. A longer turnbuckle rod might also be required. Contact WHITING® for installation and component details.
What is the amperage draw for the CommandLIFT Door Operating System?

The nominal draw is 10 to 14 amps at startup and 7 amps when running. After the CommandLIFT Door Operating System stops, the lights remain on for about 15 minutes; the draw at that time is about half an amp (.45). The CommandLIFT Door Operating System draws about one-tenth (.1) of an amp at rest.
What happens to the CommandLIFT Door Operating System if the vehicle’s battery is low?

In either low-voltage or low-amperage conditions, the CommandLIFT Door Operating System will simply not operate. This will help ensure there is enough battery power to start the vehicle.
What happens if the CommandLIFT Door Operating System hits a box or obstruction while it is closing or opening?

The CommandLIFT Door Operating System stops, and reverses direction about 12 inches (30.6 centimeters) and stops. This will allow the obstruction to be safely removed.
How are the electronic components of the CommandLIFT Door Operating System protected?

The printed-circuit boards in the converter box and receiver box are "potted" and covered with a conformal coating. Both the converter and the receiver are enclosed in aluminum boxes.
Can the CommandLIFT Door Operating System accidently be operated while the vehicle is moving?

Each transmitter is equipped with a “slide cover” that will cover the buttons when they are not in use. This will help prevent accidental activation of the door. WHITING® also recommends latching the door using the existing door latch before operating the vehicle. The CommandLIFT Door Operating System will shut off if it is activated while the door is latched.
What is the minimum clearance (between the top of the horizontal door track and the roof) required to properly install the CommandLIFT Door Operating System?
Type of WHITING® Door
Minimum Clearance
3 5/8 inches
4 5/8 inches
5 1/8 inches
How do you program replacement remote control transmitters or reprogram the original ones?

Instructions are included in the Instruction Manual and Owner’s Manual. The CommandLIFT Door Operating System will accommodate approximately 200 remote control transmitters.
How fast does the CommandLIFT Door Operating System operate?

An average roll-up door fitted with a CommandLIFT Door Operating System should open completely in about 10 seconds
What are the maintenance requirements of the CommandLIFT Door Operating System?

The key to good operation of the CommandLIFT Door Operating System is door maintenance: be sure the door itself is correctly balanced, clean and lubricated. Make sure the CommandLIFT aluminum track is clean and free of obstruction and that the terminals in the receiver box are clean and securely connected. Regular (monthly) lubrication of the EMERGENCY key cylinder is required, and the plastic “sliders” on the motor unit should be inspected annually.
What is the warranty offered on the CommandLIFT Door Operating System?

The CommandLIFT Door Operating System is guaranteed against defective material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase and provided the CommandLIFT Door Operating System is installed on a WHITING® door.
Can the lights be turned on without operating the CommandLIFT Door Operating System?

Each transmitter includes a button that turns on the Luma Bar® LED lights, without activating the CommandLIFT Door Operating System. The lights will stay on for one minute when the door closed and for 15 minutes when the door is in any open position.
How long does it take to install the CommandLIFT Door Operating System?

An average CommandLIFT Door Operating System installation will usually take between 2 and 6 hours depending on the complexity of the wiring and the location of the power supply